Imperial Smart Door and Window Sensor

Introducing our cutting-edge Standard Door/Window Sensor, a sophisticated security transmitter designed to enhance the safety of your premises. True to its name, this sensor excels in detecting the opening and closing of doors and windows, serving as a vigilant guardian for your property.

Door Window Sensor

Upgrade your security with our Standard Door/Window Sensor, a powerful device that goes beyond expectations to keep you informed and protected.

Key Features:

  • • Outstanding Wireless Range: With an exceptional wireless range, our sensor ensures reliable communication and seamless connectivity throughout your home or business.
  • • Robust Battery Life: Enjoy prolonged and uninterrupted security with a potent battery life, providing extended operational durability.
  • • Multi-Zone Coverage: This sensor effectively covers one door/window zone and two external contact zones, offering comprehensive protection for key entry points.
  • • Secure Encrypted Wireless Transmissions: Rest easy knowing that all wireless transmissions are securely encrypted, safeguarding your information from potential threats.

Imperial Smart Door Window Sensor Seamless Security Integration

Elevate your home security effortlessly with the Imperial Smart Door and Window Sensor. Designed for easy integration into your existing setup, this compact sensor adds a discreet yet powerful layer of protection to your doors and windows. Enjoy enhanced security without the complexities of wiring.

Door Window Sensor

Real-Time Alerts, Immediate Response

Stay one step ahead with instant notifications from the Imperial Smart Door and Window Sensor. Receive alerts on your mobile device the moment a door or window is opened, ensuring real-time awareness. This quick response capability empowers you to address potential security threats promptly, bolstering the effectiveness of your overall security system.

Stylish Design, Reliable Performance

The Imperial Smart Door and Window Sensor not only prioritizes security but also complements your home aesthetics. Its sleek and unobtrusive design seamlessly blends with your decor while delivering robust performance. Trust in its advanced technology for consistent and trustworthy protection, making it a must-have component to fortify your home security. Upgrade with confidence using the Imperial Smart Door and Window Sensor.

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