Imperial Smart Motion Sensor Pet Immune

Introducing our innovative PIR sensor device designed to eliminate false alarms triggered by household pets. Despite its unassuming appearance, this intelligent device distinguishes human movements from those of pets, ensuring accurate detection and preventing unnecessary alerts within your home.

Motion Sensor

Choose peace of mind with our PIR sensor device, tailored to safeguard your home effectively while eliminating the nuisance of false alarms caused by pets.

Key Features:

  • Extended Battery Life: With a robust battery, this device guarantees lasting power for up to 5 years, providing reliable and long-lasting protection.
  • Wireless Signal Encryption: Ensuring the utmost security, our device employs wireless signal encryption for enhanced protection against interference.
  • Optimal Range and Coverage: With a range of 40×40 feet and a coverage angle of 90 degrees, this sensor offers extensive coverage to keep your home secure.
  • Pet-Friendly Design: Capable of withstanding up to 85 lbs of weight without compromising its functionality, making it impervious to the typical weight of household pets.
Motion Sensor 2

Optimal Security for Homes with Pets

Upgrade your home security with the Imperial Smart Motion Sensor Pet Immune, specifically designed to cater to your furry friends. This advanced sensor ensures reliable motion detection while intelligently ignoring the presence of pets, eliminating false alarms and providing peace of mind.


Pet Immunity Technology

Enjoy hassle-free security without compromising on your pets’ freedom. The Imperial Smart Motion Sensor Pet Immune incorporates cutting-edge pet immunity technology, making it adept at distinguishing between human and pet movements. Now you can rest easy knowing your home is secure without unnecessary disturbances.

Motion Sensor

Simple Integration, Enhanced Peace of Mind

Integrate the Imperial Smart Motion Sensor Pet Immune seamlessly into your existing security system. With a user-friendly design and effortless installation, this sensor enhances the overall security of your home while accommodating your pets’ movements. Upgrade today for a worry-free and pet-friendly security experience.

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