Imperial Smart Pet Immune Motion Sensor

Imperial Alarm Motion Sensor

Securing Your Home Peacefully with Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor: A Smart Solution

Introducing Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor—an innovative PIR device meticulously crafted to eliminate false alarms triggered by household pets. This intelligent sensor, despite its unassuming appearance, distinguishes human movements from those of pets, ensuring accurate detection and preventing unnecessary alerts within your home.

Extended Battery Life: Dependable Protection

Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor guarantees lasting power for up to 5 years with its robust battery. Experience reliable and long-lasting protection for your home, providing peace of mind without the hassle of frequent battery changes.

Wireless Signal Encryption: Enhanced Security

Ensuring the utmost security, our Pet Immune Sensor employs wireless signal encryption. This advanced feature provides enhanced protection against interference, fortifying your home against potential threats.

Optimal Range and Coverage: Extensive Security Blanket

With a range of 40×40 feet and a coverage angle of 90 degrees, this sensor offers extensive coverage, creating a robust security blanket for your home. Enjoy the assurance that every corner is monitored and protected.

Pet-Friendly Design: Tailored for Your Household

Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor is designed to withstand up to 85 lbs of weight without compromising functionality. Its pet-friendly design ensures that typical household pet activities won’t trigger alarms, providing a solution that harmoniously integrates with your home.

Price and Packaging: Tailored Security Solutions

Explore our competitive pricing and packaging options for the Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor. Choose from a range of plans to meet your unique security needs, offering tailored solutions that blend efficiency with affordability.

Discover the perfect balance of security and pet-friendly functionality with Imperial Smart Pet Immune Sensor. Safeguard your home intelligently, where accuracy meets reliability and false alarms become a thing of the past.